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Reach Out 

We look forward to hearing from you about your project. One of our staff will respond to your message as quickly as possible. Occasionally it takes us time to gather information or answer to give an accurate response or quote.

Check out some of our FAQs below. 


Are you hiring?

No, we are not currently hiring. However, if you feel REALLY excitable you can email your resume to resume(at)

Do you make cool things for the average consumer?

We totally can! Specialty costumes can range from several thousands of dollars to TENS of thousands and upward. These prices aren’t usually cost-effective for the average consumer but we have made some cool things for people with deep pockets! If that works for you then send us a message and we can chat!

Is the shop open to the public?

Unfortunately, no. We really like to share our space with the community and build relationships but sometimes it’s not that easy. On any given day we have a lot of projects we can’t share with anyone besides our team. Not to mention we are usually always extremely busy.

What is the average turn around time on projects?

This is a BIG question. It can range from hours to months or more. It really depends on a lot of factors including materials, budget, quantity, and the processes we use. If you have something in mind but need more information reach out and we will do our best to help.

Can I buy something you have made?

Unfortunately, no. Almost all of our clients own the rights to the art and pieces of the projects we make so it’s not even ours to sell.

Don’t Be Shy.