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Production Services:


On budget.

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide array of services. We offer many services to help facilitate your needs for a project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a quote for services with the contact form below or by emailing info [@] thingergyinc [dot] com

We pride ourselves on completing projects on time and on budget. To do that sometimes we need more than a talented crew of humans. Thingergy’s facilities is over 13,000 square feet jam-packed with really awesome pieces of equipment that are specialized, and unique, and help us complete projects faster and just might be of use to you.

Thingergy balances traditional craftsmanship with technology and specialized tools. We are constantly improving and adding new equipment and technology.

Not seeing what you need for your production? Reach out...

3D Scanning & 360 Degree Scanner

Our Staramaba scanner is equipped with 80+ DSLR cameras that take only a few seconds to almost perfectly capture any person or thing we can fit into the booth space (don’t worry it’s spacious). In about 3 minutes you are done with the whole process and we take over. We turn all the images into a 3D model that can be used for multiple applications.

This is also great for capturing clothing items to be displayed in 3D on other applications or preserving historical 3-dimensional artworks in a digital landscape or for custom equipment and costumes for a performer who needs precise measurements.

We also have the ability to come to you for some situations and use our Artec Eva hand-held 3D scanner. This is ideal for remote situations to quickly gather a textured and accurate 3D model of an object.

3D Design & Printing

At our disposal we have a small army of 3D printers, all geared up to bring your project to life in a whole new way. We can produce anything from prototypes to final designs, with lightning speed and exceptional accuracy. From intricate sculptures to functional parts, our 3D printers can handle it all, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and efficiency. Whether you need a single custom piece or a large-scale production, our 3D printing army is here to deliver top-notch results that will take your project to the next level and beyond.

3D printing is a rapidly growing technology with a wide range of potential applications. As the technology continues to develop, we look forward to implementing even more innovative and useful applications for 3D printing in the future.

The “Sauna” aka the 3D printer room at Thingergy houses our 3D printers including the 1-meter x 1-meter large format 3DP Platform Printer, 3DP WorkbenchRaise 3D N2PlusLulzbot TAZ6Ultimaker 3 Extended, Form 2, MoaiFlashforge Creator Pro. We have started to lose count of how many 3D printers we have and are rumored to believe they are multiplying while we are out of the shop.

CNC Milled Custom Body Forms & Mannequins

After we use our 360 Degree scanner on your client we can transform the 3D file into an accurate mannequin or body form with our CNC router table. This technology allows us to translate precise digital scans or sculptures into incredibly detailed, lightweight body doubles or mannequins that perfectly match your character’s physique. These can provide a useful tool for precision garments, armor, or specialty costumes that fit your performer like a second skin. You can build on replicas of the performer and even stick pins directly into the foam – we hear performers don’t like pins being shoved into them, so we all win. Our CNC milling process ensures unmatched accuracy and repeatability, saving you time and money during production.

This eliminates the need for extensive tailoring and ensures a perfect fit, saving valuable time in the costume design and fitting process. So, whether you need a stunt double for a daring action sequence, a captivating display for your newest theme park attraction, or a perfectly fitting costume for your actors, Thingergy has the expertise to turn your vision into a tangible reality.

Wood Shop Fabrication

The magic of cinema isn’t just silicone, 3D printing, or CGI. That’s where our woodshop fabrication comes in. We bridge the gap between imagination and reality, supplementing traditional special FX with custom props, and set pieces built from wood. From colossal, otherworldly thrones fit for a creature feature to painstakingly detailed antique weaponry for a period piece, our crew breathes life into your wildest concepts. 

We don’t just stop at aesthetics – we expertly craft with a variety of wood types, employing advanced techniques to achieve the perfect blend of durability, lightweight construction (but durable to save you time and money!), and intricate detail.  This ensures your props not only look stunning but can withstand the rigors of filming, all while keeping production on schedule.  So, let us bring your vision to life, woodshop magic and all.

Metal Shop Fabrication & CNC Milling

It’s like having a bunch of talented artists in the shop, but instead of paintbrushes, they’ve got high-tech machines that can sculpt metal, wood, and more with mind-blowing precision.

Our Tormach 1100 can tackle almost any material you would need to be milled into a specific shape or part. Wood, aluminum, plastic, and even titanium are easy for us to create any part you would need. This 4-axis mill makes short work of any production piece.

The large bed CNC Router Parts CNC Table can be used for wood, metal, foam, or several other materials. CNC milling is a relatively fast process, which can save businesses time and money. This is especially important for businesses that need to produce parts in large quantities or on a tight turnaround.

In addition to our computer numerical controlled machines (CNC), we have a variety of metal eaters to make even the fiddliest part, bobble, doohickey, or thingy. This includes our Bridgeport Lathe and our Machinist Mill. The Bridgeport lathe has an array of capabilities, smoothly turning and shaping raw materials into exquisite components, while the machinist mill carves out intricate details with unmatched finesse.

With these cutting-edge tools at our disposal, we can bring your wildest ideas to life, transforming metal into masterpieces that fit seamlessly into your project. Whether it’s crafting custom fittings or fashioning complex prototypes, our Bridgeport lathe and machinist mill elevate our craftsmanship to an extraordinary level, ensuring the success of your venture with impeccable engineering and top-notch quality.

Custom Electronics, Lights, & Controls

The world of special effects is all about creating believable illusions. At [Company Name], we take that concept a step further by crafting the invisible magic that brings your vision to life. Our team of expert engineers specializes in designing and building custom electronics, lighting systems, and control interfaces specifically tailored to the demanding needs of the film and television industry.

We don’t just provide off-the-shelf solutions; we create the missing piece that makes your special effects shine.

  • Imagine a mesmerizing alien creature that pulsates with otherworldly light.  Our engineers will design and build the custom LED lighting system and control system to bring it to life.
  • Need a high-powered strobe effect for a heart-stopping action sequence? We’ll create a safe, reliable, and precisely timed system to deliver the impactful lighting you envision.
  • Envision a fantastical machine with blinking lights and glowing panels that respond to character interaction. Our team will design and build the custom electronics and control system to make it a reality.

We understand the pressure of staying on schedule and within budget. That’s why we work closely with your team throughout the entire process, from concept design to final implementation. Our efficient workflows and focus on practical solutions ensure your special effects not only look incredible but are delivered on time and within your budget.


At Thingergy Inc., we specialize in crafting the magic that transcends the limitations of pure CGI and static props. We create a seamless blend of practical effects – animatronics and motion-controlled props – that push the boundaries of cinematic realism and leave audiences questioning what they just witnessed on screen.

We meticulously add every detail to the project, bringing it to life with advanced mechanics that allow for life-like movement and expressive gestures. Intricate control systems ensure puppeteers have the precision to capture every nuance of your vision, from a terrifying snarl to a subtle twitch of the eye.

We understand the pressure of film production. That’s why we prioritize efficiency, working closely with your team to design and build solutions that fit seamlessly within your budget and production timeline. There’s no need to settle for a world confined to pixels.

Custom Paint & Aging/Breakdown

Don’t worry about that “new project smell” on any of your pieces.  Aging, weathering, and breakdown services breathe a long lifespan into newly created props. We meticulously transform them from pristine to worn and aged. We utilize a combination of techniques – from meticulously applied paint washes and scratches to controlled heat scorching and strategic chipping – to convincingly depict the ravages of time, battle damage, or simple wear and tear. This ensures that a freshly minted hero’s shield appears battle-scarred, a futuristic weapon looks appropriately gritty, and a historical artifact embodies the weight of centuries.

Sculpting, Molding, & Casting

Experienced staff, quality assurance, and dependable turnaround make Thingergy a great source to handle your molding, sculpting, and casting projects. Whether you have a tricky prop that needs to be molded and replicated or a unique design that needs the human aspect of being sculpted by hand we can handle each aspect of a project.

We employ a wide variety of equipment to make the process efficient without sacrificing quality. Casting parts, especially very large parts, can be difficult and downright dangerous if you aren’t careful. Our giant roto-caster has a 2ft square capacity and is able to make light work of difficult casting jobs.