CLIENT – Activision

YEAR – 2018

Activision released Spyro Reignited Trilogy in November of 2018 and hired Thingergy to bring Spyro the Dragon to life. Fly, breath fire, talk, blow smoke, and look just like Spyro….this isn’t the first time we have done something that we have never done before. The flying Spyro drone we created flew with the aide of a carefully designed body that enclosed around a quadcopter encased inside. We 3D printed the body from modified files directly from the video game to make sure Spyro was as spot on to the game as possible. These pieces then went to body shop, and paint. The head and face of the dragon contain special fireproof material to prevent any damage when Spyro actually shoots flames from his animatronic mouth. The Spyro drone also carries a first-person view camera, has integrated sounds from the game and even blows smoke.
One of the challenges of this project was building Spyro in a way it could be broken down into secure crates for it’s tour across the United States from NY to LA.